The best way to learn a foreign language

1) The best way
The best way to learn a foreign language is to immerse yourself in the culture and live with native speakers, which is often expensive and time-consuming, if not downright impossible. So, the second best way is to simulate the situation as much as possible — and this, YOU have control over. During regular academic quarters, you will be asked to complete mini projects that will expose you to Korean people, language and culture. You will also be asked to meet with at least one language exchange partner (native Korean speaker) to practice Korean twice a week. The UW Korean Language Program’s language course schedule is usually really packed so the role of language partners is crucial. When getting a language partner, find someone who attended or graduated from at least high school in Korea. Also, if you are finding someone through the UW English Language Program, try to get someone who is placed to a low level of English. To request a language partner, contact the English Language Program (206) 543-6242, (2) Before starting a new chapter:
This is actually a good time to test your current comprehension of all the lessons covered in the past. First, read the “Conversation” sections of the textbook, as well as the “Narration,” without using any references to see how well you understand what you are reading. When you see a new grammar pattern, GUESS what it may mean and move on. Once you go through all the texts, go back to the beginning and read them again; this time by checking whether your guesses were accurate or not. It helps to have a general idea of what’s in the new chapter when the teacher explains them in detail.
3) Learning the vocabulary:
a. Take one sheet of notebook paper and fold it vertically in half TWICE (making four even columns).
b. Neatly write the Korean words in ?? (Hangul) in the far left column and write the corresponding English translations in the…

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