The Industrial Revolution Dbq

The Industrial Revolution was a time of change in agriculture, textile and metal manufacture, transportation, economic policies and the social structure in England. Beginning in the late 1700s the industrial revolution had a variety of causes and still effect people till this day. The Industrial Revolution brought great changes to England positively and negatively.
The Industrial Revolution was a positive time in England’s history. In The Working Man’s Companion the author talks about all the positive effects of the industrial revolution. Better built houses, cheaper clothing, and travel quicker and cheaper. People are just more comfortable and things are advancing for the better [document 4]. There was a barren land, people had a hard time making a living. The Ashton Brothers came, built a factory and employed many people. People were clothed, they built houses and rented it at a low price, and everything is clean and orderly. The factories really helped this town [document 6]. Andrew Ure visited a factory, he saw the kids were cheerful, alert and he believed it was better for them to be in a factories then in slums [document 3]. Although that’s a rare case it still shows that the industrial revolution had a positive effect in lots of ways. Also the British iron production increased enormously. They were making more goods cheaper, quicker, with variety and with uniformity.
Although there were many positive effects there were also signifient negative effects. Long hours, low wages, unsafe working conditions. The factory workers were getting hurt by the machines, there were some bad accidents like broken bones, cuts, there was dust that was getting people ill and the workers got no compensation [document 2]. They began working in Factories from young age with very minuscule breaks and pay. The children couldn’t enjoy their childhood, they had to work all day from morning to night and they were uneducated. 40 minute lunch was the only break they got [Document…

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