Table of Contents
2. General arrangement and description 1
2.1 General arrangement of the Project 1
2.2 Headworks 2
Weir 3
Intake 3
Intake canal and Gravel trap 3
Approach Canal and Settling Basin 4
Conveyance Tank 4
Headrace Pipe 4
3. Project Evaluation 6
3.1 Cost and energy 6
3.2 Financial Evaluation 6
1.1 Sensitivity test 7
1.2 Conclusions 7
1.3 Recommendations 8
Appendix-1 10 1. INTRODUCTION
Tinekhu Khola Small Hydropower Project (TKSHP) with an Installed Capacity of 990 kW utilizes flow from Tinekhu Khola which is located at Suri and Jhyaku VDC’s of Dolakha District, Janakpur zone in Eastern Development Region of Nepal. Tinekhu Khola Small Hydropower Project (The Project) is Run off River (RoR) type with its headworks located in Tinekhu River at some 3 km upstream from the confluence of Tamakoshi River and Tinekhu River. The distance to the intake site from Singati Bazaar is about 6 km north-east. The powerhouse is located along the left bank of Tamakoshi River, some 100 m upstream from the confluence of Tamakoshi River with Tinekhu River. There is a bridge over Tamakoshi River near powerhouse and a seasonal road up to the forebay area.
The entire project area (headworks to powerhouse) is located in Suri and Jhakhu VDC’s of Dolakha District along the right bank of Tinekhu River. Geographically, the project area is located between the longitudes 86?10’45”E to 86?12’06”E and latitude 27?44’07”N to 27?45’15”N. Physio-graphically, the project area belongs to the Middle Mountain Zone and elevation ranges from 980 meter above mean sea level (amsl) to 1400 m amsl along the upper catchment boundary.
According to the hydrological study, the design discharge of 0.35 m3/s is about 57% exceedence river flow. Thus with a gross head of 412 m and net head of 392.01 m and 0.35 m3/s design flow at 74.5% efficiency the installed capacity will be 990 KW. The net annual energy generation…

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