Two Years Are Better Than Four

From the article, “ Two Years Are Better Than Four”, Liz Addison believes
“ The community college system to be one of America’s uniquely great institutions” (3). Her idea of what the purpose of college is to obtain education through a community college, which will then open up possibilities for your future. Based on her argument and my own college experience, I agree with her thoughts on attending a community college and the benefits associated with it. In line with my past experience and opinions, I believe the purpose of college is to increase your knowledge and enhance your skills that help you in the long run of obtaining better job opportunities and receiving higher pay.As Liz Addison says, “ some students would never breathe the college experience if it were not for community college”. (5) Many students would not be able to attend a four-year college if they did not begin and progress in a two-year community college. Community college lets students have a place to start their higher education and it allows them to mature before entering a university. “They offer a network of affordable future, of accessible hope, and an option to dream” (Addison 3). It gives students an opportunity to explore interests that they normally would not pursue otherwise. It allows students to “begin” (Addison 1).
Additionally (Community) college is filled with people of all ages, all races, full time workers and the unemployed, professionals and recent high school grads. For this reason, being a student at a CC gives us the opportunity to interact with people of all levels, experience and purpose. This is a huge bonus because it gives you real diverse and interpersonal interactions with all levels of individuals, a skill set often desired in the workforce. Browsing for a few minutes on LinkedIn or craigslist jobs, its obvious that most companies require a 4-year college degree. Is that to say that a trade school education or 2-year community college certificate is any…

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