What Will You Do When You Graduate from High School

What will you do when you graduate from High School
When I graduated, I hope to be successful in all that I propose. I have planned to travel one year to New York to improve my English; then I’ll return to Venezuela to enter the UCV and start studying my Odontology career; finally I’ll start working with my cousing helping as an assistant in his office to improve my knowledge in the area while I study.
Is very important for me to be prepared for all in life, and to have a perfect and clean english is essential. I have planned with my parents while my education in High School to travel outside the country to perfectionate my english a little bit more, and we decided that I’ll travel to New York with my aunt who agreed to help me, or, my second plan is to travel to Orlando with my other aunt, and there, I could improve my english.
After my time in EE.UU have passed, I’ll return to Venezuela, and I’ll start my Odontology career in the university, the UCV, and thanks to my dentistry cousin, who decided to help me with the career, I can enter easier because she taught at the university. This career takes 5 years, and after that time, I’ll do the degree in orthodontics and endodontics to become a professional dentistry.
Finally, I planned to start working with my dentistry cousin in her office as her assistant to gain some money for myself and start being a little more myself dependent. I’m pretty sure that my cousin will teach me some essential knoledge about my career that I can’t ignore. Also, while I study and work for myself, my dad and I will start working hard to ride my first office in any mall to start my own dentistry company, and thus, become a professional.
I consider that any desition I took in life will change my life forever, and everything I do differs from between a good and a bad future, that’s why, education goes first.
“Luck? I don’t know anything about luck. I’ve never banked on it and I’m afraid of people who do. Luck to me is…

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