When I was a child. Changes

There are something changing over time but something is not. I remember that when I was a child, I love drawing pictures, singing and watching anime. I am not used to drawing or singing for a long time because of my talent is not good, so it makes me feel bored quickly but I still love watching anime. Why I love anime even I am 20 years old now?
The first reason is its content. Anime substance maybe about natural, war or fictional story and by watching it I can realize some massages. For example, in anime “My neighbor Totoro”, the message I have received is “Nature is Man’s family” or in “Pom Poko” , I can draw the basis message is that “Urbanization should be accompanied by nature conservation. Because of each our house is built means that part of animal natural house is lost”. Some massages are also about love family such as “Above all, family love is still beautiful, solid and the
most perfect prop for each of us” from anime “My neighbors the Yamadas” or in anime “Spirited Away” I can know “Love from family and sincerity with friends will help us overcome all difficulties”. In fact, there are many anime convey meaningful messages and from that I can draw some good lesson. This is why anime is not only for children but also for adults. Furthermore, I love anime because it is a best way to relax. When I feel stress about my work or my life, I often watch anime. Why I don’t do anything different? Why is anime but not film or game? Just because anime make me feel relieve.
Every time I watch anime, I do not like to think about other things. I want to take all difficulties
behind and watch anime, feel and relax. My mind goes to blank and just concentrate on its content so
that I can have more time to relax. After that I can sober enough to solve the remaining problems. The
final reason is anime attach to my childhood. I still remember when I was a little girl, every afternoon
I wait for the anime I like with eagerness and suspense. If I remember…

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